About us

Managing Director
: Manish Dutt
Jt. Managing Director
: Krishi Dutt
Launched In
: April 2000
We at VR Films and Studios Pvt Ltd believe in bringing the best Dubbing and Film Distribution solutions for the movie and television industry.
We are known in the Industry for timely delivering the best quality dubbing, a very influential aspect of post Film-making. With more than 15 years of experience in this sector and having clocked more than 15,000 hours of dubbing, we find ourselves very enriched in the science and art of Dubbing. We have a dynamic and talented Dubbing team comprising of writers, artists, directors, sound recording and mixing engineers across our 40 dubbing studios in Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata.
We acquire films for the Indian Sub Continent comprising of India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Nepal and Bhutan. We strategically plan releases for each film on platforms like Theatrical, Satellite TV, VOD and Digital space in this whole region.
We provide promising dubbing quality at competitive rates, benchmarked against the very best the world has to offer. May it be Dubbing or Film distribution, we always carry a trending outlook, optimistic nature and a confident attitude towards every assignment.
In the market place worldwide we are known for Excellence, Quality, Trust, Persistence and Passion.
Each passing day brings us new Learnings and we keep upgrading our skill sets. The team also brings in a sense of responsibility and accountability and we strive to uplift the quality of Dubbing and Distribution in the industry worldwide.
WE VISUALISE YOU REALISE" is our Vision statement

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