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The Tower

theWhen a deadly fire breaks out in an apartment tower, rescuers and those trapped share a common goal: To get their loved ones out Single father Dae-ho (KIM Sang-kyung) is the facilities manager at an exclusive residential complex, Tower Sky. Despite having to work late, he promises his young daughter, Ha-na the best Christmas Eve ever. Yoon-hee, who Dae-ho is privately infatuated with, offers to watch Ha-na while Dae-ho is called to an emergency and the girls quickly forge a bond. Young-kee (SUL Kyung-gu), a veteran fire captain at Yeouido Station, takes the evening off to spend Christmas Eve with his wife for the first time.It’s supposed to be the happiest evening of the year for everyone, but a terrible accident starts a fire in Tower Sky and changes everything. Amid one of the city’s worst disasters, a story of ordinary people who hang on to hope to the bitter end unfolds.

Director KIM Ji-hoon
Starring SUL Kyung-gu , SON Ye-jin, KIM Sang-kyung