Thunder Chase

Leo and his friends go on a trip to Country R without telling his es- tranged father Ray (by Liu Mu), and he soon finds himself in deep water as they get held up by the local mob- sters. Ray loses contact with Leo before he can learn his where- abouts. Just when things are get- ting out hand, Ray receives a tip-off from Country R, and he quickly puts together a two-man rescue squad with his friend Miles (by Paul Russell Kear- schner Iv), and heads to Country R for his son. Against all the odds, the two track down the gang. All the evi- dence point to the crime ring led by Salusha (by Ivan Jr.), and the two find themselves uncovering a massive scheme… Can Ray rescue not only his son, but also their relationship?
Director Chen Haonan & Zhang Yingli
Starring Elaija Chekhov