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Strategic Distribution and Marketing Plan is the key to profitable monetization of every film.

At VR Films & Studios Limited we help our clients understand the pros and cons of the current market situation in detail and provide reliable solutions to their distributing problems. Our team works towards this with complete dedication and passion and strive to help the film reach a larger audience.


Thunder Chase

Leo and his friends go on a trip to Country R without telling his es- tranged father Ray (by Liu Mu), and he soon finds himself in deep water as they get held up by the local mob- sters. Ray loses contact with Leo before he can learn his where- abouts. Just when things are get- ting out hand, Ray receives a tip-off from Country R, and he quickly puts together a two-man rescue squad with his friend Miles (by Paul Russell Kear- schner Iv), and heads to Country R for his son. Against all the odds, the two track down the gang. All the evi- dence point to the crime ring led by Salusha (by Ivan Jr.), and the two find themselves uncovering a massive scheme… Can Ray rescue not only his son, but also their relationship?
Director Chen Haonan & Zhang Yingli
Starring Elaija Chekhov